Wear We Wander – An Irish ethical clothing company delivering style and substance to fashion conscious females worldwide.

”To us, Wear we Wander is not just a brand, its a way of life, its an expression of who we are. We design beautiful clothing for the wander’s, the dreamer’s the doers, the lovers, the adventures, the broken, the lovely, the festival lovers, the life lovers…and we hope that you create beautiful memories adorned in our clothing, treasuring them for life.”


How Wear we Wander was born- Life’s Synchronicities

To be a fashion designer has always been a dream, a huge dream, but like dreams do, it got pushed to the side and labelled as a never… Gainful employment and the rat race took centre stage until last year when I decided, after the tragic loss of a wonderful friend, that life is short and its for living, I was going to spend a year doing whatever I wanted to do…After quitting one of the best jobs I ever had, I booked my flights, packed my backpack and headed off into the unknown. A move that will never be regretted!

My sister, who is an amazing artist gave me a piece of her art as a good luck charm for my adventures, it was a beautiful boho girl, with words swirled around her head and body, I instantly resonated with the picture but had no idea what the words were, (her writing is tiny). Months later in Hawaii I can across the work of Irish Poet and Mystic John O Donoghue, his poem, New Beginnings touched my heart and soul and it became my mantra and the lines “Awaken your Spirit to adventure, hold nothing back, learn to find ease in risk” are forever etched in my mind. Now here is the crazy and synchronistic thing… That painting, those swirling words around her, those were the words of the poem New Beginnings. I knew I was on my Journey to finding my passion.

New BeginningsAfter an interesting chat with a random hand writing reader on a beautiful day in Central Park, NY came the inspiration to start following my dream and so came Wear we Wander… 9 months of gathering inspiration, my final stop was beautiful, blissful Bali, it was here that i just knew I could create my dream.

Enter Lisa Maree Barron, who has studied Art and Design in London, worked as a freelance Artist and Designer for more than 20 years on many creative endeavours & travelled extensively worldwide, thereby culminating a strong spiritual and artistic appreciation for the true beauty we all share. Lisa who has worked as a design consultant for many upcoming and established international labels including ; Saskia the label -Australia, Lenni Vintage – Australia, Aurabella – London, Back from Bali – USA, Isabel and I – Australia to name but a few. Lisa has been a key element in helping me to get Wear We Wander to where it is today and without her, it would not be possible!

Lisa is proud to be involved with the inspiring launch of the Wear we Wander label , and truly appreciates the free style and bohemian spirit and grace of this label born in Ireland and realised in Bali with the combined appreciation and dedication of two Celtic wandering souls with a passion for design, style and travel.

So that we may all wander far or close to home, in peace, with open hearts and minds and looking fabulous as we do!

Love & Light,

Bon x

Let your clothes tell your story

We believe life should be centered on adventures, both great & small, big love, huge dreams, high hopes and we believe that everyone should have the opportunity to live life like this. That’s what makes us different, ok we have an absolute love of fashion (ok most labels have that one down), but WE CARE, about the planet, about the people, we want to know who makes our clothes, where they are made, and how they were made…that’s why we operate under over “No Sweat, Just Sparkle” policy.


What does No Sweat, Just Sparkle mean?

It ensures that Wear we Wander clothing or brands sold under the umbrella of Wear we Wander, are ethically produced, and that workers are paid a fair wage, work in air conditioned environments and have access to toilet facilities and running water.

Many women in developing countries are forced to leave education at an early age, so to find work and support families, many of these end up working long hours in appalling conditions, for as little as 20 cent per hour! They have little or no training and no chance of progression, unless they can educate themselves, which most unfortunately most cannot do! Wear we Wander wants to change this, we want women to thrive, to take pride in their work, to enjoy what they do, to excel and be the best they can be, we believe this is a right every women should have. That is why we are giving a percentage of all profits back to the communities in which we produce.



We CAN change the world one dress at a time!

All of our own label products are designed here in Ireland and produced in Ireland & Bali.

We believe in materialism that matters!